Air Conditioning & Commercial Refrigeration

Air Conditioning & Commercial Refrigeration

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Schlueter Air conditioning and Refrigeration, LLC

Air Conditioning, has come a long way since the Romans routed aqua duct water thru walls of houses and buildings. Schlueter Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, LLC.  is the cutting edge of heating and cooling. We install the highest quality, most efficient air conditioners on the market.  A member of the Austin local community for over forty years, our name is built on superb service, and reliability. Now with this listing you can access the same benefits that were only available by word- of- mouth referral. In the heat of summer when the mercury rises to ninety degrees or higher, the thing you do not want is for the air conditioner to be inefficient and disfunctional. The last thing you want is for your unit to use so much energy that you might as well light your wallet on fire. Call us to install top-of -the line equipment complete with great warranties. Premium equipment  saves two types of green.  ( money and more efficiency ). Schlueter is the solution !  Call us to send a Technician for residential, light commercial, commercial and industrial refrigeration, for repairs and replacements. We want your business and will resolve your needs  with the best machines, technicians, and service available. Schlueter is the Solution for residential and heavy commercial refrigeration systems. 

The picture you see above is a chiller I needed and had engineered, custom build to the requirements needed for the application. It is being used  in a food processing factory in association with other specially designed equipment for use with this system. This is a variable speed screw compressor with efficient chilled water process controls to the building. Other cost effective items are used to make this system a very green machine.

We are very much into brewery chillers, piping and controls. Please call us - we can help. 512-345-7742 

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