About Schlueter Heating and Air Conditioning Austin, TX

About John Schlueter

Schlueter AC set up shop in Austin over 40 years ago, selling and maintaining air conditioning and refrigeration units around town. In the days before the internet, Schlueter AC went viral as their customers spread the word from person to person about the high-quality work and excellent service that Schlueter offered. John Schlueter started his business in 1970 as an electronics, and later air conditioning and refrigeration service, business, branching out to include installing central heat and air conditioning in residences and commercial buildings. In the late 80’s, his uncle (a registered professional mechanical engineer) retired from his air conditioning business of 40 years and passed on many long-time customers to John Schlueter’s business, for which many customers already knew John from previous association with his uncle’s business before the 70's.  In the years before his uncle’s retirement, he and John traded technical expertise .  He’s  somebody you want know—especially if you have heating and cooling problems. He’s  been keeping Austin cool for decades, working hard and smart to provide the best service available for their customers. Schlueter AC takes pride in offering the finest air conditioning units available, units that will run smoothly and efficiently even in the worst Texas summers. John wants you to make a great investment; while other places are selling lower grade machines.  Schlueter AC is interested in installing the premium, most qualified, efficient, and economically-sound equipment available.